Oakville Diwali Gala raised $281,000 for Oakville Hospital Foundation

The gala’s master of ceremonies, Tushar Unadkat.

The Oakville Diwali Gala is one of the most sought-after events in the Halton region of Ontario, Canada, and this year’s edition took place in September with great success. Traditionally dressed guests, members of The Oakville Hospital foundation, friends and families were all in attendance to celebrate the festival of lights in its true meaning — to give, share and shine upon. Organized as a fundraiser for securing state of the art equipment to assist the Oakville Hospital Foundation (OHF), the spirit of the evening truly matched the cause.

Glamour at Diwali Gala

Lights, glitz and glamour were in profusion. The event rolled off with a traditional Indian welcome with “mithai,” the hallways decked in lights and flowers. To beat off the event in style were local artists welcoming the guests with a literal drum roll, a traditional Indian dhol. And this was just the beginning. There were games to be played, dance and music to liven up the place and auctions to be done, all perfectly executed by the celebrity master of ceremonies, Tushar Unadkat.

The cause for the evening was well served and not forgotten. The generous contributions of arts and accessories, which ranged from traditional art displays, be it painting, artwork or a Rolex watch, all stood on display for the silent auction for the medical community. Also taking this cause further were the sponsors for the event, without whom a lot of this would have just remained a thought, far away from action.

And as the event progressed in fun and excitement, with each event Unadkat watchfully reminded his hosts of the cause we had all pledged for. The energy and the excitement went to the next level, thanks with the live performance by Manj Musik, lead vocalist and music composer from the group RDB. The dance and song combination of Bhangra and Punjabi singing did bring up the spirits for the night. Many of these compositions reminded us of the latest Bollywood flick, Singh is King. Speaking of Singh is King, a special mention to the fashion specialists present that evening, Singh Me Up. If one ever wanted to dress like Mr. Singh or wondered how a turban was dressed, you could get one here. Their colourful turbans for both the artists and the guests that evening, did brighten up the day.

Also lightning up the event were stalls selling jewellery, Henna and glitter booths and the special photo booth and stall where you could capture the memories of the evening.

Funds raised for Oakville Hospital Foundation

In all the fun and excitement celebrating the festival of lights, the cause stood above all. The pledges did roll in, patrons pledged for the cause and the goal was closer to home. And none of this would have been possible without the lovely hosts, the generous patrons, and the team that toiled to see everything was in order and to perfection. The noble cause of helping the Oakville Hospital foundation care better did see many hearts and minds open and indeed it was a Happy Diwali, in a true Canadian style.

“The final funds raised at the Diwali Gala $281,000, which is 93.4 per cent from that of the previous fundraiser,” proudly announced Sona Khanna, event chair.

In attendance included Bollywood celebrity and a Canadian writer, lead actor and producer Vinay Virmani, who is know for his films Dr. Cabbie, Breakaway and David.