Fil-Italian cast in international TV series

SEALED LIPS – Filipino-Italian actor Ruben Maria Soriquez is cast in an international TV series, to be aired worldwide sometime next year. Filipino and foreign actors are appearing in the 12-episode TV series.

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But beyond that Ruben could no longer add anything, saying “my lips are sealed.” He signed a non-disclosure contract.

“I might be kicked out if say anything more.”

Yes, he auditioned for a small role, but it seemed the director was impressed and he was given a bigger part.

The TV series is being shot all over the Philippines.

WITH SHARON – Ruben plays the boss of Sharon Cuneta in the current hit “Unexpectedly Yours,” a very pleasant experience. “I knew how big Sharon and Robin (Padilla) were way back in 1990, when I first came to the Philippines.”

An Italian producer is currently looking for a Filipina actress and Ruben suggested Sharon. She’s interested.

Ruben has no scenes with Robin, who reminds him of Johnny Depp. “I wish I could work with him.”

Of course, Ruben is best remembered as Liza Soberano’s father in the ABS-CBN soap “Dolce Amore,” shot in Italy, mostly in his hometown, Bologna. He also served as production coordinator.

MORE THAN – Ruben Maria Soriquez is more than an actor. He is also producer, director, and writer with several films to his name. Among them, “Of Sinners and Saints,” where he won best actor in the World Premieres Film Festival Philippines in 2015, organized by the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP).

He has finished four feature films to be released internationally and eventually locally.

Ruben says he has many relatives in the Philippines – much more than in Italy. Thanks to his Filipino father who sired 12 children – with different women. He’s in touch with all of them. Ruben is married to a Filipina.