Larry David Isn’t Done Pissing People Off on ‘Curb’ Yet

We waited a pretty, pretty, pretty long time for the ninth season of Larry David’s Curb Your Enthusiasm, which returned to HBO in October after a six-year hiatus. But on Thursday, less than a month after the finale, HBO announced the show would be coming back for season ten, Entertainment Weekly reports.

“As I’ve said many times,” David said in a statement, “when one has the opportunity to annoy someone, one should do so.”

While David, showrunner Jeff Schaffer, and the rest of the gang are tight-lipped as ever about what to expect, our antihero still has a lot left to resolve from last season. For one, there was a fatwa on his head, and it’s still unclear if he’ll be able to shake it—no matter what the muftis say. Plus, he lost what seemed like a great girlfriend and saw his magnum opus crumble into oblivion. It’ll be interesting to see what he’ll occupy his time with going into season ten—aside, of course, from pissing off literally everyone he meets.

After the season nine finale, Schaffer told the Hollywood Reporter the show’s future was still up in the air, and that if it were to come back, he and David would have to nail down every single plot line first. But according to EW, the duo still hasn’t finished writing season ten, which is set to go into production this spring, so apparently that philosophy is out the window this time around.

“The truth is, Larry had so much fun last season that he wants to do it again,” Schaffer told EW. “Usually, at the end of a shoot, he’s absolutely sure he’s never doing it again. But this season was different. During our last days of shooting he was already thinking about reloading.”

All the show’s regulars—J.B. Smoove, Cheryl Hines, Jeff Garlin, Susie Essman, Ted Danson, Richard Lewis, Bob Einstein, and Mary Steenburgen—returned for season nine, and Schaffer said they’ll be back for another round. It’s safe to say we’ll get to see some killer guest stars: Last season featured Elizabeth Banks, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and Bryan Cranston, among a few other standouts.

There’s still no word on exactly when the next season will drop. Until then, we’ll just have to keep an eye out for Curb episodes that play out in real life.

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