Singapore fashion hunting 101

A tourist’s guide to shopping like a local

Singapore’s fashion scene isn’t all about those fancy luxurious clothing brands. Take a stroll downtown and you’ll encounter unique and stylish finds without breaking the bank. You won’t only leave with a shopping bag but also with a taste of Singaporean experience.

Shopping in Singapore could honestly damage a person’s wallet but if you look hard and explore enough, independent clothing stores and locally crafted goods mean a lot more than branded goods. The diversity of style and clothing in Singapore just signifies that fashion does not have any restriction and isxfree spirited.

Today, we’re going to three places — Orchard Road, Haji Lane and Chinatown. Orchard Road, of course, is known worldwide as a shopping capital but there are still generally undiscovered fashion hunts in the area.

Meanwhile, located at Bugis, Haji Lane is home to the fusion of contemporary and medieval art and fashion. Abundant with independent clothing stores and a vast majority of food choices from Turkish to Lebanese, expect to encounter faces of all races and extensive clothing genre.

Finally, the vibrant district lights and lively neighborhood of Chinatown is something you shouldn’t miss. And there are hidden gems just waiting to be found.

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