Royal Wedding makeup

The month of June is traditionally known for weddings. On this week’s Easy as Pie, we’ll talk about one of the key features of a wedding: the bride’s makeup. And we’re very inspired by the royal wedding that just took place.

With the recent wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex (aka Prince Harry and Meghan Markle), one of the things put under the spotlight was her choice of makeup.

Meghan sported a makeup look that featured bare, glowing skin with a no makeup, makeup finish that showed her freckles, with dramatic eyes, and a subtle nude pink lipstick. The look was by Daniel Martin, celebrity makeup artist.

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The duchess has always been a fan of subtle makeup. Her go-to daily makeup routine is the Laura Mercier Foundation Primer for her base, Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment for her lips, and Nars Blush on her cheeks. She prefers to spot conceal and apply foundation on some areas only, not on her entire face.

But what little she applies on her face for makeup, she makes up for in skincare. Meghan keeps a strict skincare regimen that involves several steps throughout the day: early morning, early evening and late evening. Nichola Joss shared this previously with Vogue Magazine.

People were divided about her preference for her bridal look. Some people lauded her for this whereas there were others who felt it was too simple for such a big event. There was even a photo of the internet revising her wedding makeup look.

Lately there has been a trend of some brides opting for a variation of looks from no makeup, makeup to bare faced. They insist on looking no different from how they usually do. Instead of spending exorbitant amounts on makeup, they spend the same amount on skin care instead. There are even skincare specialists brought over the night before the wedding day to prep their skin. This was made popular by Alicia Keys and her no makeup movement.

Some insist on looking like their everyday selves, just a notch more polished. Others opt to look different just to feel more special rather than their usual barefaced look.

The brides I usually get opt for the no makeup, makeup look because that is my forte. I do beauty makeup more than I do fashion or runway looks. You see, the brides I usually get are the ones that are not used to wearing makeup at all. However, I also get brides who opt for a more made up look, but those are only a handful compared to the former.

The choice of makeup for the wedding day highly depends on the bride. If the bride is not used to wearing makeup, or has a more laid back personality or is an introvert, I recommend a no makeup, makeup look. This lets them feel a lot like themselves and allows them to be more comfortable during that day.

If the bride is used to wearing makeup and is more of an extrovert, they usually ask for a more made up look. I don’t even have to suggest the look. They usually show me pegs and ask for that specific made up look. These are the women who aren’t afraid of wearing dark lipstick or regularly opt for a smoky eye.

There is no right or wrong way to do wedding makeup. It is the special day of the bride and groom, so whatever makes it special for them should take priority over what other people’s opinions are.

Make your day special for you. Do whatever you feel like. Your day, your rules. That actually goes for any day and not just on special occasions like weddings and the like.

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