How Arci Munoz travels in style

The alluring Arci Muñoz isn’t afraid to turn any experience into an adventure, whether she’s exploring a new country or performing with her band around the city.

According to the fashionable celebrity, her passion for travel also comes with her love for pairing adventures with stylish yet comfy outfits.

“I also make sure my choices in what I wear on my travels express who I am,” the ABS-CBN prime time star of “Since I Found You” further said.

For those planning to catch the last weeks of summer, Muñoz shares the following style tips using pieces of American denim brand Wrangler.

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Graphic tees for a unique, no-fuss style. Muñoz says sporting your favorite graphic t-shirt can make a simple pair of pants more fashion-forward. It’s a great way to show off personal style effortlessly while at the same time keep yourself comfortable throughout a long plane or car ride.

Comfy jeans are your best friend. A good pair of jeans will make sitting in a plane for hours or taking longer walks a lot more bearable. Muñoz, the denim brand’s first female ambassador swears by Wrangler’s InfiCool jeans, declaring, “They’re cool, comfy, and perfect for traveling because you’ll be sweat free all-day especially when you’re going to warmer destinations.

“The entire line is designed to absorb moisture and keep perspiration away from your body so you can travel freely and comfortably,” she adds.

Handy sunglasses. Long flights or drives can be hard on you sometimes so having your favorite sunglasses would help cover up those tired eyes. Sunglasses can easily hide your tiredness away apart from shield your eyes from harsh sunlight. They’re also perfect for accentuating any ensemble.

Stick to flats or sneakers. The most practical types of footwear when traveling are flats, loafers, or sneakers. These are easy to slip on and off and would make moving around simpler while carrying luggage. Plus, they won’t hurt your feet after all that walking.

Wear layers. You can’t go wrong with an oversized coat or leather jacket draped over a plain white tee and your favorite denim. An outer layer will help you transition from warmer to cooler temperatures. If you get cold, just add the outer layer, but if it gets too warm you can opt to take it off and just sport a comfy shirt or long sleeved top and jeans.

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