Gretchen Barretto draws ire for laughing at charity beneficiary


Many were not amused on how Gretchen Barretto and some of her friends reacted to a letter sent by a fan asking for help.


A video of the episode posted June 6 via Instagram showed them having a laugh at the expense of the hapless letter sender, who, apparently, was having a hard time explaining her wish.

Note the fan sent the letter as prompted by Barretto herself through a wish-granting program.

Some thought it inappropriate that La Greta would poke fun at the letter sender, calling her “hambog,” among other choice words.

“Kung tutulong kayo, tumulong na lang kayo, hindi yung pagtatawanan nyo pa,” said another kibitzer.

Another said, “Perfect kasi kayo ano?”

There are those who were quick to come to the defense of Barretto citing she was mainly having a hard time keeping her composure because the letter was somewhat verbose and long-winded.

But one argued, “Even then, this is so out of place.”

Another one said, “She should’ve known better. ‘Yung may pinagaralan ang mas dapat umunawa.”

At the end of the video, Barretto was heard apologizing for her obvious lack of decorum.

“I’m sorry,” she said. “We’re not supposed to be doing that, but I can’t help it.”

But several of her followers are not appeased.

“Nakakainis lang kasi she granted the request but ang kapalit she ridiculed the letter sender,” said one.

“Nanlait muna at namahiya bago namigay, tsk tsk,” said another.

Oh, well.