Taking free internet to the next level

Starmobile recently partnered with Voyager Innovation to provide users free internet in their latest Android phones.

Starmobile is the mobile devices division of Star Telecom Alliance Resources, Inc. (STAR, Inc.) which was established back in 2011 and prides itself in being able to diversify its portfolio and adapt to the ever-changing telecommunications landscape. Last April 26, 2018, they partnered with Voyager Innovations, a subsidiary of PLDT-SMART that is known for designing, developing and deploying applications that zero in on the critical pain points.

Since the partnership, the free internet mobile application Freenet is pre-loaded in the newly-launched Starmobile UP Xtreme. Launched in 2015, Freenet is the country’s first sponsored data access service that allows brands and businesses to easily reach their customers by offering free access to their mobile apps and sites. It enables mobile users to access their go-to apps and sites free of data charge, and even get rewards for completing missions that can be found inside the app. These rewards include airtime load, data packages, and gaming pins.

Freenet is considered to be one of the top free lifestyle applications in Google Play because of the millions of active users it garnered within the first year of its launch. Freenet users continue to grow steadily as more Filipinos see the value of going online and living the digital life. It has been the “gateway to the internet” for both the unconnected and the “underconnected.”

The mission of Voyager Innovations remains the same— to bring the digital life and experience to Filipinos all over the country and in the end, create a digitally connected Philippines. The company sees the partnership as essential in fulfilling that mission.

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