Lost phone found inside bag

Lost something at the airport?

It would be better to double-check your belongings first before accusing airport transport security of stealing.

Wilfredo Cabigao was invited for questioning by Aviation police at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) on Friday night after fingerpointing the Office for Transportation Security (OTS) personnel as stealing his mobile phone.

Reports said Cabigao, a departing passenger of Philippine Airlines (PAL) flight PR221 bound for Brisbane, Australia, suddenly claimed that he lost his cellphone after putting his bag though the initial X-ray machine at NAIA terminal 2 for the routine security check
Because he created a scene, Airport Police Department (APD) and the Philippine National Police-Aviation Security Group (Avsegroup) rushed to the area where Cabigao was blaming the OTS staff for his missing phone.

Airport authorities immediately conducted a search at the area but to no avail. The phone was eventually found inside Cabigao’s bag after he was asked to double-check.

“Mr. Cabigao was subjected to investigation for Alarming Scandal as complained by the party of OTS. He was accompanied to the PNP office at South-wing departure,” the MIAA said in a Viber message.

The MIAA added that the case was later settled with Cabigao “writing a letter stating that he was wrong and that his cellphone was (found) inside his bag.” He also apologized to the OTS staff for being rude.

MIAA management has long been advising air travelers to always watch over their belongings due to the heavy volume of passengers in the terminals.

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