The Real Meaning of Freedom

There’s a monumental event looming on this country’s horizon. It calls on us to remember the bravery of our heroes who fought for the freedom of our country, who sacrificed their lives for our liberty. It acknowledges that 120 years since we obtained our Independence, our journey as a nation is still long and we seem to be far from our destination. But if we are going to look out at the wider vista, we will see how far we have travelled since that day on June 12, 1898 when the first Philippine president, Emilio Aguinaldo, declared the Philippine Independence.

The freedom that we have gained has granted us democracy and contained therein are the many rights, opened opportunities and progress that we now enjoy. However, it is quite sad that many of our young people, the so called “millennials” have forgotten the true essence of our Independence Day. In this regard, we really must make a special effort and come up with a savvy strategy to make the Philippine Independence Day a reminder to us all that the freedom we mostly take for granted was achieved at a very high cost.

This 120th Independence Day is a call for us to be more vigilant about the many astounding occurrences in our everyday life. Our brave and valiant heroes had provided us with a compass to determine the latitude and longitude of our freedom. Let us set our course in seeking real freedom and make the search meaningful.

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