Enjoy This Soothing Video of Port-a-Potties Being Ripped from the Earth

Using a port-a-potty is about as enjoyable as brushing your teeth with gravel. Half outhouse, half torture chamber, the rudimentary bathroom option is usually weirdly hot, emits a revolting smell, and induces claustrophobia. Port-a-potties have also provided the setting for one too many horror stories. We all know this, and yet we’re still forcing human beings to use the plastic poop prisons in various public places.

They are, if nothing else, unnecessarily vile creations, which is why watching some get swept away in a wind storm is both terrifying and strangely cathartic.

Thankfully, no one was inside of the port-a-potties when the wind storm hit the Colorado park Monday, and we’re left with a fitting visual metaphor. The incident serves as a sort of karmic comeuppance for the disgusting creation, getting blasted away from the good people on the ground and up into the air, where it’s unable to control its own faculties, spraying the sky with some unidentifiable liquid. A moment later, we catch a glimpse of the second hell hole being violently smashed into one of the park’s structures, before being blown away.

Sure, the rest of the video is terrifying and captures parents and children diving to the ground in sheer terror as gusts of wind tear over them. But for a second we get to see one of man’s most wretched inventions being torn skyward and away from Earth, where it can no longer torture our tiny bladders and weary souls.

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