Get the job with a great value proposition letter

Outshine everyone with a value proposition letter that sets you apart

As a potential job candidate, you are aiming to outshine the competition in many ways. To make that happen, you need to let your hiring manager know what value you can bring to the table and how you are uniquely qualified to help the company succeed.

Enter the value proposition letter. Sending a potential boss a value proposition letter prior to your interview greatly helps you to sell your skills and achievements. And set you apart from the crowd even before the interview begins.

A good letter demonstrates that you understand the hiring process and know exactly what the hiring manager is looking for. It tells them that you have focused on their needs from the very outset of the interview process. Remember, it will work only if it is written well and presented in an organized way.

Here are a few examples of persuasive value proposition letters that you can use in place of a cover letter or send on its own without a resumé.


Sample Value Proposition Letter 1

Hello _____,

Are you looking for an experienced, analytics-driven leader capable of developing and managing your online marketing campaigns while generating revenue? My skills as a Digital Specialist will enhance your reputation as an accessible, customer-friendly company, thereby increasing customers and revenue.

Here are some of the high-level achievements I can bring to your company:

·         Increase brand awareness by 20%

·         Increase in web page viewers and Facebook and Twitter followers by 35%

·         Cut online marketing budget by 10%

I possess over ten years of specialized experience successfully developing online brands. I have included my resume and will call next week to discuss the opportunities I can bring to your company. Thanks.

 Best regards,

Your name

Sample Value Proposition Letter 2

Hello _____,

 Are you looking for an experienced leader capable of meeting all your recruitment challenges while saving you costs by improving productivity? As an HR Specialist with over five years of experience, I can successfully help in hiring ideal candidates for positions in every department through efficient practices and strategies.

 As a seasoned HR professional, I can achieve the following results for your organization:

·         Increase retention rate of hire employees by 20%

·         Reduce recruiting budget by 10%

·         Implement online applicant tracking system to increase efficiency by 20%

 As a progressive start-up company, you will benefit from a similarly progressive, experienced leader.

I have included my resume and will call next week to discuss the opportunities I can bring to your company. Thanks.

 Best regards,

Your name


Sample Value Proposition Letter 3

Hello _____,

 Are you looking for a significant boost in productivity, company morale and employee satisfaction? I can help.

 As an accomplished Project Manager with 5+ years specialized experience across global 500 organizations, I bring proven skills to increase your line employee output considerably, not only saving you money but also finding time to invest resources in other business initiatives as needed.

 Here are some high-level details of what I can bring to your team:

·         Employee retention rate increased by 18% in 2 years.

·         Workplace compensation payouts decreased by 7% over 2 years.

·         Exceeded daily parts quotas by 6% on average

As a seasoned Program Lead, I spearheaded corporate initiatives that directly influenced and promoted employee engagement and performance. I have included my resume and will call next week to discuss the opportunities I can bring to your company. Thanks.

 Best regards,

Your name


Think beyond a cover letter

A cover letter typically highlights what you have done in previous positions, whereas a value proposition letter explains what you will do if you are hired for the current position. For newcomers who don’t have much experience in Canada, that makes a value proposition letter all the more useful.

Writing and sending out a value proposition letter to prospective employers is a great way to demonstrate what makes you a unique candidate, and how you can add value to a company in the present and future.


So, your value proposition letter should:

  • Open with an engaging question like: “Do you need …”, or “Are you looking …”
  • Address a concern the organization might be having in your first lines.
  • Give three bullets that prove you have the solution to the problem.
  • Use short sentences and paragraphs to keep your reader’s interest.
  • Use specific numbers and facts to build credibility.
  • Bold two or three strong words or phrases to draw attention to a few key items.
  • Write in a friendly, conversational, personal tone of voice.
  • Avoid using any buzzwords or overly technical language.
  • Aim for approximately 150 words.