The New ‘First Man’ Trailer Is Here and Just Give It an Oscar Already

First Man, Damien Chazelle’s Neil Armstrong biopic and his first film since 2016’s La La Land, just premiered at Venice Film Festival, and the thing is apparently so good that some critics are already breaking the festival’s embargo to gush about it. Now, in honor of the premiere, Universal has dropped the second trailer for the film and, yeah, just give Chazelle the Oscar already.

While the film’s first trailer centered around NASA and the tense build-up to the moon landing, Wednesday’s new clip focuses in on Ryan Gosling’s dour Neil Armstrong and his family, including his sons and his wife, Janet, played by Claire Foy.

“What are the chances you’re not coming back?” Janet asks Armstrong in the trailer. “Those kids, they don’t have a father anymore. So you’re going to sit the boys down and you’re going to prepare them for the fact that you might not ever come home.”

During a press conference at Venice with the First Man cast and crew this week, Foy said that Armstrong’s sons advised the film on how she and Gosling could accurately portray their parents on screen. “Their dad wasn’t an astronaut,” Foy said, according to Deadline. “To them, he was their dad.”

“I’ve never had more help in my life on a film,” Gosling told the Venice press. “Whether it was Neil’s sons or his late ex-wife Janet or Neil’s sister, his childhood friends… NASA opened the door to the facilities. Neil was a very famously introspective quiet humble person so the challenge was to honor that but also to create windows into what he might be or had been experiencing emotionally at the time.”

Kyle Chandler, Jason Clarke, and Ethan Embry will also star in the upcoming film alongside Gosling and Foy. House of Cards‘s Corey Stoll is playing Buzz Aldrin, as made clear in the trailer when he, uh, introduces himself as Buzz Aldrin. There’s no word on who will be playing Stanley Kubrick and the film crew that helped fake the landing at this time—we’ll have to wait until First Man hits theaters in October to find that one out. Until then, watch the incredible trailer above.

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