BVOR Fund supports private refugee sponsors

Canadian entrepreneur Jim Estill, president and CEO of Danby Appliances, has partnered with the recently announced BVOR Fund to sponsor 20 refugee families to Canada. Estill has previously sponsored 61 Syrian refugee families, and is recognized for his innovative approach to refugee protection and integration. (Read more about Estill’s approach to helping refugees settle in and work in Canada here.)

“I believe we are facing the biggest humanitarian crisis of our lifetime.  We need to work together to do our small part,” says Estill.

The BVOR Fund was established by the University of Ottawa Refugee Hub and Jewish Family Services, in partnership with founding donors the Shapiro Foundation, and Canadian philanthropist Frank Giustra of the Radcliffe Foundation.

The BVOR program matches private Canadian sponsorship groups with refugees the UNHCR identifies as needing resettlement. Settlement costs are shared between the government of Canada and sponsors, and sponsors are also responsible for all aspects of welcoming and integrating the newcomers into their communities.

How BVOR works

Here’s how it works: the UNHCR identifies the refugees. The Government of Canada gives up to six months of income support. Private sponsors give another six months of financial support. They also give up to a year of social and emotional support.

“Our objective is to ensure that none of the spaces Canada has committed to refugee protection in 2018 are un-used. Jim’s commitment to welcome an additional 20 families is a significant step toward our goal, and demonstrates both his generosity and his strategic leadership,” says Jennifer Bond, managing director, Refugee Hub.

Submit applications to the BVOR Fund

The BVOR Fund’s funding is available to groups that submit applications to the fund before September 17, 2018, or until the fund is exhausted prior to the deadline.

If you would like to submit an application to sponsor a BVOR case before September 17, 2018, please contact

Individuals or organizations interested in supporting the mobilization of BVOR sponsors in 2018 are able to donate at: