Chiefs OG rewards fan for getting car unstuck

Kansas City Chiefs guard Jeff Allen is rewarding a fan’s act of kindness toward him with tickets to next Sunday’s AFC Championship Game.

Allen tweeted early Sunday morning that his car got stuck in the snow before the Chiefs’ playoff game against the Colts on Saturday, and that a man named Dave helped him get unstuck without realizing he played for the Chiefs. Allen failed to get the man’s contact information, however, so he put out an APB on Twitter to try to track him down so he could give him tickets to next week’s game.

By Sunday afternoon Allen had found the man, he tweeted, despite several fans changing their first name to Dave to try to land the tickets, he joked.

Update: Despite the recent influx in people changing their name to Dave in the KC area lol, I was actually able to track down the Dave that helped me thanks to the power of social media and #ChiefsKindgom. Thanks for your kindness

About 8 inches of snow fell in Kansas City by the time the game between the Chiefs and Colts kicked off Saturday. The Chiefs won 31-13 to reach the AFC Championship Game.

Allen, a seven-year NFL veteran, is in his first season with the Chiefs.