Revilla and forgiveness

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THREE F’s – Faith, family, and friends.

Those three Fs kept Bong Revilla’s morale and spirit high the four years and nearly six months he was unjustly deprived of liberty.

Faith in God and the country’s justice sys­tem, the support of family and friends he had plen­ty of. Wife Lani Mer­cado was a pillar of strength. Friends like Mother Lily Monteverde and Manay Ichu Mace­da often visited him and Jinggoy Estrada. Also friends from entertainment media like Lolit Solis, Gorgy Rula, and Ethel Ramos, who were already around when Bong was new in showbiz.

Mother Lily and Manay Ichu hosted a luncheon party for Bong, attended mostly by the press. Tirso Cruz III, a true friend, was seen. Wife Lyn Ynchausti would have come, but she was taping a teledrama. Which Pip welcomed, saying it would give his wife a welcome break, distraction from mourning the death of their first child, TJ.


* *  *

BONG Revilla

BONG Revilla

FOURTH F – There’s a fourth F in Bong’s life, Forgiveness, which came from his father, Don Ramon Revilla.

Upon leaving Camp Crame in QC as a free man, the first thing he did was pray at the church in Imus, Cavite, and then visited his ail­ing father.

It was only natural for Bong to harbor hatred in his heart, but Don Ramon advised him to learn to for­give people who persecuted him. “Diyos na ang ba­hala sa kanila,” Bong sighed. What mat­tered most was justice prevailed and that people trusted and believed him. That is judging from the latest result of the Pulse Asia survey, which placed Bong on the winning list of senatorial as­pirants.

* *  *

MATINEE IDOL – Manay Ichu recalled that a few years back, she and Gloria visited Don Ra­mon in Imus. The ailing former matinee idol was extremely happy to see them. When it was time to say goodbye, Don Ramon turned sentimen­tal and emotional. He cried and asked them to stay a longer. “Parang ayaw na kaming paalisin,” Manay Ichu smiled.