Kris Aquino dares Nicko Falcis to file case over threats bared in audio recording

Credit to Author: TESSA MAURICIO-ARRIOLA| Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2019 10:06:39 +0000

MONDAY saw an avalanche of posting and reposting on YouTube of an alleged audio recording between estranged business partners Kris Aquino and Nicko Falcis, where the Internet celebrity threatened his life.

Falcis—whom Aquino had accused of qualified theft in court for using her KCAP company funds for personal purchases—released the said audio recording to entertainment portal Pep.Ph on Sunday containing the following transcript:

Nicko Falcis: Madam… hello…

Kris Aquino: “You f—–g a—–e Nicko, OK. No!”

NF: Madam!

KA: “Huwag ka nang bumalik sa Pilipinas! Nadinig mo? No! Huwag ka…Papapatay ka ng pamilya ko! You know what? You know what’s wrong with me? May lupus ako, Nicko!

NF: Oh My God…Madam… Madam… (Crying)

KA: “That’s why… Gusto mong bumalik sa Pilipinas? Dare step into this country and you will be dead!

Falcis, who returned this month from Bangkok, Thailand since Aquino made the threats in September 2018, maintained that he did not steal any funds from his boss and could account for the entire P1.2 million in question. While his decision to extend his stay abroad was made to seem as a sign of guilt, Falcis—just as his family had claimed in December—truly feared for his life.

Falcis released the audio recording after finally issuing a statement on his return on January 4. Part of his statement read: “I was forced to seek refuge in a foreign country because Ms. Aquino threatened to have me killed. She also sent messages to my family and friends detailing my private and confidential immigration records. Since an unsuspecting public would never think of her as capable of murder, I [was] truly afraid for my life.”

He added: “By speaking my truth, I hope to gain some safety from an awareness by the public and the government of what she has said and done.”

Aquino, who had just been discharged from another round of tests on her autoimmune disease in a Singapore hospital, took to Instagram to react to the audio recording that had gone viral in the early morning of June 15.

She effectively admitted she was the angry woman in the conversation starting her post with, “I will state the date September 27, 2018,” and again further down the ensuing thread when she defended herself against a netizen who called her out for making grave threats.

“[So] I started out emotionally angry (rightly so because I just received an awful diagnosis) but ended still believing that justice shall prevail,” she wrote.

As of posting time, Aquino had taken down the post, which in its entirety read as follows:

“i will state the date SEPTEMBER 27, 2018. it is now JANUARY 15, 2019.

“2 very straightforward questions- Why hasn’t Nicko Falcis filed a case of GRAVE THREATS against me with any prosecutor in October, November, December 2018, or this 1st half of January 2019?

“110 DAYS HAVE PASSED. i am ready to face whatever charges and vigorously defend myself in the court of law.


The above accompanied a photo of her direct message to Falcis: “My TRUTH doesn’t scare me. Please do us all a favor. File charges against me. Unlike you I’ll woman up and face all of them immediately.”

Before Aquino left for Singapore on January 6, she went on Facebook Live with her legal team who questioned why Falcis’ statements and accusations against their client were only coming to the surface today, many months after the issue first became public and since they sued him in a number of courts in October 2018.

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