When Women’s Pain Isn’t Taken Seriously

Credit to Author: VICE Staff| Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2019 02:12:29 +0000

Jessica Furseth has had two hysteroscopies, a procedure by which doctors examine the inside of the uterus. The first time, she wasn’t given pain medication, but the doctor told her that most patients “tolerate” the procedure. And while she did tolerate it, the process was uncomfortable at best. So it got her wondering about the patients who don’t tolerate their hysteroscopies. What happens to them—and if this is a problem for some women, why isn’t pain relief discussed beforehand?

In a recent piece for Broadly, Furseth looked at how, for some women in the UK, hysteroscopies can be unbearably painful, if not downright traumatizing. We sat down with Jessica to learn more on this episode of The VICE Guide To Right Now Podcast.

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This article originally appeared on VICE US.