Did woman die of drug overdose?

Credit to Author: Tempo Desk| Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2019 09:49:50 +0000

CEBU CITY – Authorities are still investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of a 19-year-old woman during the Sinulog revelry.

Lawyer Wardley Getalla, director of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency-Central Visayas (PDEA 7), clarified that the cause of death of Ashley Abad has yet to be established.

“We are still convincing the girl’s family to have the body autopsied so we can determine if the cause of death was drug overdose or party drug overdose. The cause of death can only be determined after an examination conducted by an expert,” Getalla told reporters yesterday.

Abad died after attending a concert last Jan. 19.

If indeed what happened was a case of drug overdose, Getalla said the autopsy will determine the kind of party drug used.

“There are so many kinds of party drugs. Ecstacy is just one of them. There is also a concoction of party drugs because nowadays, the users are going for those with strong effects so they mix party drugs,” said Getalla.

Chief Supt. Debold Sinas, director of Police Regional Office-Central Visayas, said stories that the woman died of party drug overdose came out on social media only.

“Accordingly, the medical doctor who responded said it was not even an overdose of ecstasy. Overdose of a certain drug. Stories about ecstasy came from social media,” Sinas said.

Sinas said they will be tapping the PDEA 7 to help the police in the investigation.

Sinas said police will also be inviting Abad’s companions during the concert, including her supposed boyfriend.

“We will check if the companions can be considered as persons of interest,” said Sinas.

Sinas added that Abad’s father has reported the incident to the Mabolo Police Station but has yet to give the police a clearance to conduct an autopsy.