Catching up with…JM de Guzman

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JM de Guzman (IG)

JM de Guzman (IG)

SHOWBIZ denizens are almost always a cautious bunch particularly when dis­cussing personal affairs.

Then again, there are times they are only too willing to open up, answering even the most inane of queries in the name of fun.

That’s exactly what actor-singer JM de Guzman allowed us recently.

Here’s an excerpt:

Hey man, looking good.

Thanks. I’ve been working out. So far, I’ve lost 12 pounds.

That’s nice. What’s your motivation? A new girl, perhaps?

(Laughs) “No. It was a choice. I wanted to lose weight for the longest time. To feel good, to look good. But I was too busy with work.”

And you’re bound to get busy again. You just signed anew with ABS-CBN, right?

“Yeah. I have an up­coming TV series, and a film already in the works. And I just fin­ished my new album.”

And you also have a brand new endorsement, too.

“Yeah. It’s JM Shawarma.”

Is it your own business?

“Because of the name? No. Actu­ally, many thought it was my own pero it’s just coincidence that it’s called JM Shawarma. But I’m plan­ning to invest on a franchise. Did you taste it?”

Yup, we did. It was good.

“I know, right? That’s why I want to go beyond just endorsing the product.”

Are you a shawarma guy?

“All my life. Actually my father intro­duced me to shawarma. He used to bring me to shawarma joints when I was a kid.”

So we’re thinking you’re bring­ing your Valentine’s date to the nearest JM Shawarma kiosk?

“I don’t think I will have a Valen­tine’s date this year.”

But how about Barbie (Impe­rial)?


Uhm, we’ll take that as a no. Anyway have you shared your shawarma with Barbie al­ready?

(Laughs) not yet but if ever, I will let her have the best tasting vari­ant, the all-meat JM Shawarma.”