Newborn baby girl abandoned, found alive in plastic bag

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A newborn baby girl was found alive in a plastic bag in Georgia, United States last Thursday, June 6.

A local resident, Alan Ragetz, said he and his daughters found the baby under a mound of leaves, after hearing cries from the forest near their home, as per an interview with ABC-affiliate Channel 2 Action News last Friday, June 7.

He said that the placenta was still attached to the newborn when they picked her up. The family then called 911 to alert the authorities about the situation.

Upon arriving at the site, the officers immediately gave first aid to the newborn and rushed her to the hospital. Forsyth County sheriff Ron Freeman said the baby was “in good condition” when they arrived at the hospital.


Following the discovery, Freeman asked the public for any aid in finding out who the baby belongs to.

“We want to understand and find out how this baby was abandoned,” Freeman said in a news conference last Friday. “Thirty-two years, this is the first one I’ve had of an abandoned child in this manner.”

Sheriff Freeman's Press Conference from earlier today regarding the infant that was found. If you have information that could help us locate the family of this baby, please call FCSO at 770.781.3087 or if you would like to remain anonymous you can call 770.888.7308. #FOCObabyindia

Forsyth County Sheriff's Office 发布于 2019年6月7日周五

He also stressed that the parent may face charges of child abandonment and endangerment once he/she is identified. The baby has been given the name India by the local authorities for the time being.

The Division of Family and Children Services will be in charge of finding someone to foster baby India, once she is deemed healthy enough to be discharged from the hospital, as per the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office’s update on Facebook yesterday, June 11. Ryan Arcadio/JB

**Update on Baby India** We continue to follow any and all leads in regards to the abandonment of baby India; however,…

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