Duterte OK with cops accepting ‘gifts’ out of gratitude, earning extra cash from video-karera

Credit to Author: acerojano| Date: Fri, 09 Aug 2019 10:58:22 +0000

MANILA, Philippines—President Rodrigo Duterte on Friday said there is nothing wrong with policemen accepting “gifts” from families who are grateful for their work.

Speaking at the 118th Police Service anniversary in Camp Crame, Duterte argued that receiving gifts out of “gratitude” cannot be considered a violation of the law.

“It is not bribery because it is allowed by the law. What I mean is if there is generosity and then sabi ng anti-graft you cannot accept gifts, kalokohan ‘yan,” Duterte said.

“If you’re able to solve a crime and the family would like to be generous to you or nurture a feeling of gratitude for what you accomplished then you accept wala akong…but to us that is something,” he added.


The President also claimed that he doesn’t mind that some policemen are earning extra money from “video-karera” (a betting game using video machine playing horse racing).

“‘Yung machine diba ‘yung karera…inyo naman ‘yan. Wala man akong pakialam. Eh hindi mo rin naman talaga mapigilan,” he said.

“Alam mo ang pulis even sa pamilya niyan hirap ‘yan. I know because I have been mayor (of Davao City) for 23 years and I’m a prosecutor for 8 years,” he added.

However, Duterte also reminded policemen not to let greed take over their life./ac