Guanzon calls Cardema ‘overaged trying hard name-dropper’

Credit to Author: kadraneda| Date: Mon, 19 Aug 2019 10:13:03 +0000

MANILA, Philippines — It would seem like nothing could stop Commission on Elections (Comelec) Commissioner Rowena Guanzon from expressing her utter annoyance over frustrated Duterte Youth party-list first nominee Ronald Cardema.

Guanzon took to Twitter her tirades against Cardema, who held a press conference last Saturday to accuse the Comelec official of attempting to extort P2 million from him aside from asking other favors supposedly for the accreditation of the Duterte Youth as a party-list group.

The poll body commissioner said it would be impossible for her to ask money from Cardema, who, she thinks, may not even have half-a-million pesos in the bank. In an interview at ANC, Guanzon said she thinks Cardema is poorer than her.

“Cardema said I demanded 2Million from him. I don’t think he even has P500K in his bank account. Aber, show us, you overaged trying hard name-dropper,” Guanzon said.


A Twitter user replied to Guanzon’s post, saying Cardema “was only begging to enter Congress” to have money to buy food. To this, she replied: “BOOM!”

Guanzon further criticized Cardema’s extortion allegation and claim that she has an “emissary” by mocking it as “fake news,” and then tugging back the focus on Cardema’s disqualification as representative of the youth sector.

“He does not mention me by name in those text messages. FAKE NEWS. Don’t distract us from the real issues: Cardema is disqualified; not youth.

She also slammed the Duterte Youth party-list group, taking notice that members who attended the organization’s general assembly last Saturday can no longer be considered “youth.”

“Look at the people around him. They are not young people. They are not an organization of young people. Na  FAKE ang mga youth who voted for him,” Guanzon said, citing that Duterte Youth gathered the highest number of votes from the cities of Davao and Quezon.

According to Guanzon, Cardema’s strategy was “out of spite because he lost his dream of having millions in pork barrel funds.”

And in the midst of this conflict, Guanzon introduced her “bodyguard” named Brownie.

“This is my bodyguard, my loyal askal Brownie. Nangangagat sya ng mga baliw. You know who,” Guanzon said without mentioning any name.

In another tweet, Guanzon stood pat and said: “This is for the country. I am fighting for my institution, the Comelec.”

To this, a netizen urged Guanzon “not to yield on this fight” even assuring the poll body official, “We got this, Madam.” /kga