Fitness tips for 2020: 'Set the bar low and celebrate all the wins'

Credit to Author: Aleesha Harris| Date: Fri, 10 Jan 2020 19:57:11 +0000

Fitness is a common resolution in the new year.

But, according to fitness professional Keighty Gallagher, it shouldn’t be the top resolution on your 2020 list.

“I actually don’t think it’s a great time to focus on your fitness goals,” Gallagher, the founder of the Vancouver-based fitness organization Tight Club Athletics, says. “We tend to go a little hardcore around this time of the year. We OD on goal setting, especially if you wake up on January 1 without a hangover, and often set the bar too high.

“So high, that by the time February comes around, we’re burnt out of these ideal routines we’ve set and bail on the bandwagon.”

Instead of setting lofty resolutions that feel set in stone on January 1, Gallagher recommends checking in on your personal health achievements sometime in the new year — and then work on putting together a plan that’s sustainable throughout the entire eleven months that follow.

Keighty Gallagher, the founder of Tight Club. NICK PROCAYLO / PROVINCE

“I always go back to my core values when thinking about prioritizing fitness, and January is a great time to touch base on the pillars of what makes you YOU,” Gallagher says. “I weigh my decision against my values to see if it lines up. If it passes the values test, it’s worth a shot.”

Instead of pushing for an aggressive workout plan that may not last much longer than a few months, Gallagher recommends taking time to plan your fitness and health goals on a weekly basis in order to help them feel more achievable.

“On Sundays, I sit down and build out my week of movement. And always try to keep it balanced with two strength and conditioning workouts, two (high-intensity interval training) workout and one recovery session,” Gallagher says.

When it comes to finding the perfect studio for your fitness regime, Gallagher says it’s all about the ‘feel.’

“Think about the way you want to feel when you walk into a fitness space. Do you want to feel empowered and energized? Or is it relaxing and chill vibes you’re looking for,” Gallagher says. “Do you see yourself in the staff members and instructors of the places you’re checking out? Do this studio’s values align with yours? Find a studio that checks off these boxes and you’ll be feeling like family in no time.”

After finding the perfect place for your personal goals, it’s time to pick classes that feel fun instead of just a simple sweat session. The process, Gallagher says, can be different for everyone.

“Check and see if the business offers a two-week trial, and hit up all the different classes and get to know the different instructors. If you feel like they could be your pals, the workouts are challenging and fun and it doesn’t break your bank, you’ve probably found your fitness home,” Gallagher says. “Also, make sure to ask about their policies on putting your passes on hold, especially if you decide to invest in a longer-term membership.”

For further fitness success — not only in the new year, but beyond too — Gallagher recommends getting to the gym or class at least a half-hour before your workout begins in order to “settle in without stress,” as well as exploring apps such as Mindbody Fitness for further gym/studio discovery.

Then, it’s all about setting some attainable goals, and getting to work.

“Set the bar low and celebrate all the wins,” Gallagher says.

If health and wellness are top of mind for 2020, there are several new and unique items to check out in order to help you achieve your goals.

From ‘healthy’ hot chocolate to at-home fitness gear, here are eight healthful items that caught our eye.

Be bold

Animal print invades the athleisure realm with this Women’s Burton Lightweight Base Layer Crew. The style, which features floral and cheetah-print motifs, is so eye catching, it’s sure to make you stand out in your class.

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Outerwear option

Whether worn to the gym or out on the trail for a run, this Norvan insulated hoody from the Vancouver-based brand Arc’teryx will keep you warm and dry this winter. The jacket, which is available in sizes for men and women, features GORE-TEX Shakedry technology as well as a “highly breathable and packable “Coreloft Compact 40 insulation and a Dope Permeair 20 liner to allow excess heat from your exercise to escape.

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Best bike

Perhaps one of the most talked about fitness machines of late, the Peloton bike is an at-home fitness tool that features online access to live and pre-recorded fitness classes ranging from spin to weight training, core work and more. It’s like having your favourite fitness class — right in your living room.

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Style star

Step up your style game with a colourful pair of workout pants like these Break New Ground Tights from Lululemon. The fiery design, which is a limited-edition offering from the second Lululemon x Roksanda release, may not necessarily make you more flexible or fast — but they’re sure to make you feel more fashionable.

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Wrist smarts

Keep an eye on all your health and fitness goals and updates with a wearable fitness-tracking device like this Fitbit Versa 2. The smartwatch boasts Amazon Alexa built in, as well as heart and sleep tracking, app accessibility and more.

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Chic sneaks

Step your fitness up to a new, ahem, galaxy with these Space Race Ultra Boost 20 sneakers from Adidas. The style features a flexible knit upper and a comfortable sole designed to support the movements and momentum of your selected sweat sessions. Available in sizes for men, women and children.

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Sweet sips

Searching for a “guilt-free” indulgence to satisfy your sweet tooth post-workout? Consider making a cup of Reishi Hot Cacao from the Vancouver-based company Blume. The mix is vegan, caffeine free and features organic ingredients such as organic cacao, organic coconut sugar, organic cocoa and organic reishi to “support your immune system and fight off the blues.”

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Ear elements

Move to the beat of your choosing with these wireless headphones from the brand Happy Plugs. The cordless style, available in a variety of colours, feature Bluetooth technology, 14 touch command selections and up to 14 hours of battery life.

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