LOOK: Instagram’s Boomerang finally gets collection of editing tools

Instagram on Friday launched a series of long-overdue Boomerang editing tools for users to finally be able to customize their clips.

Despite the tool launching back in 2015, it only lets users loop their mini-videos before sharing them directly to social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook or directly download them to their phone’s native camera roll. Now Instagram has announced that users will be able to customize their clips with three new options — SlowMo, Echo and Duo — and a trimming tool.

SlowMo slows videos down, Echo adds a blurring effect to clips and Duo quickly rewinds the content to the beginning. The trimming tool lets users chop down a Boomerang’s length either from the beginning or the end.

Though these tools are not unique to Instagram — Snapchat, Tiktok and most native smartphone cameras have similar video edits available — this addition streamlines the content creation experience for the platform.

All new Boomerang editing features are available now on Instagram. RGA


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