Plug-In Vehicles = 5.5% of Switzerland’s Auto Sales

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The Netherlands got most of the press from EV fans in recent weeks and months thanks to a stunning 54% plug-in vehicle (PEV) market share at the end of 2019 and the Tesla Model 3 bagging approximately twice as many 2019 sales as the #2 Volkswagen Polo. However, a few other markets are really starting to rise up as well. One of those is Switzerland. The rather wealthy European country ended the year with a 5.5% PEV market share, according to EV Volumes.

Far and away, the Swiss plug-in vehicle (PEV) leader was the Model 3, which had 29% of PEV market share. That means it had ~1.6% of the overall auto market in Switzerland all by itself, and it put the Model 3 at #4 in the overall auto market in the country, only trailing the Skoda Octavia, Volkswagen Tiguan, and Volkswagen Golf.

Overall, the Swiss PEV market rose 82% in 2019, according to EV Volumes. Other than the market-leading Model 3, the steady Renault Zoe had a solid showing and swallowed 10% of the PEV market, followed by the BMW i3 at 6% and the Hyundai Kona EV at 5%.

Only a handful of countries have hit 5.5% plug-in vehicle share. However, many aren’t far off, and once a country hits 5–6%, EV share tends to rise quickly. Here are the countries with the most plug-in vehicle market share and how they got there (note that these numbers include fully electric vehicles as well as plug-in hybrids):



The Netherlands:


Will Switzerland reach 8% in 2020? 15%? Something else?

We now have a dedicated Tesla Sales page. If you’d like to see more data and charts on Tesla sales in different countries or globally, click that link.

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Special thanks to José Pontes and EV Volumes for support with data in this article.


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