70 Reasons Why Tesla Model 3 Is Most Loved Car

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Published on March 15th, 2020 | by Zachary Shahan

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Whether you are considering buying a Tesla Model 3, Tesla Model Y, or another electric vehicle, it is probably worth noting that the Model 3 is the most loved car or passenger vehicle in the United States, based on Consumer Reports surveys of vehicle owners of all types. In other words, owners of no other vehicles profess to love their vehicles as much as Model 3 owners do.

When this news broke 10 days ago, I thought, “Well, of course.” First of all, this was pretty much expected sooner or later since the Model S long dominated this award. Also, as a Model 3 owner, I know how wonderful the car is and how much other owners love it. Furthermore, being a previous Model S owner, I know that I like the Model 3 even more than the superb (and more expensive) Model S.

Also, we know from our own surveys — CleanTechnica surveys directly administered to EV owners as well as random sample surveys administered by SurveyMonkey on our behalf in 7 countries — the Tesla Model Y and Tesla Model 3 are the vehicles current EV owners are most likely to buy next.

A few days after the Consumer Reports news broke, it crossed my mind to share 70 reasons why the Tesla Model 3 is the most loved car in the country. (Well, it crossed my mind to share a list of reasons — the number just happened to get to 70.) Let’s get to the list …

So, who has the real issues with Tesla cars?

Apparently NOT the people who own them. According to the Consumer Reports survey Tesla has the highest owner satisfaction rating of any other brand by a wide margin.https://t.co/63q9uZEwfs$TSLA#teslaissues$TSLAQ pic.twitter.com/8EHteCdByI

— Vladimir Grinshpun (@VGrinshpun) March 10, 2020

Any other reasons? Perhaps David Havasi and I mentioned some others in our most recent “Tesla Inside Out” episodes — we certainly spent a lot of time talking about things we love about Tesla cars! If you haven’t heard enough about the Model 3 and Tesla’s tech/auto leadership, have some fun listening to (or even watching) these.

Want to buy a Tesla Model 3, Model S, or Model X? Feel free to use my referral code to get some free Supercharging miles with your purchase: https://ts.la/zachary63404. Or not. It’s always best to use the code of the owner who most helped you decide on a Tesla, imho.

You can also get a $250 discount on Tesla solar with that code. There is currently no use for a referral code when putting down a reservation for a Cybertruck or Model Y 

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