Coronavirus: How To Disinfect Groceries & Takeout Food

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Published on March 26th, 2020 | by Kurt Lowder

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Of course, CleanTechnica is about clean technology. However, in the middle of the pandemic, I feel compelled to share life-saving information. My wife sent me this video and I think it provides some great advice on how to avoid getting coronavirus from our food and the products we buy. This video aligns with the methods I have been using to protect my family. My father is 76 and my mother is 68. In the last 72 hours, I have delivered to them a 6-8 week food supply. I used many of the techniques shown in the above video.

My favorite tip from the video was to order hot food, handle it carefully, and microwave it immediately. Microwaves kill the coronavirus!! You can microwave many types of packaging. Because of this, I am putting a microwave in my garage and near the front door. Before, I was just planning to buy 3 months of food at a time, but with a microwave and caution, I guess I can order some delicious takeout food on occasions where my wife and I are really craving something healthy and tasty. I think we may order takeout food in this fashion once a week or once every other week. It’s still a risk, but it’s much safer, and we need healthy food. Healthy food generally does not store as well for long periods like processed food does.

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There are varying degrees to which we can sanitize our food (packaging) and products delivered to our homes. Eating, shopping, preparing food, and other daily activities now pose a massive risk that can come with a death sentence or permanent lung damage.

Social media is full of news about the coronavirus. People are sharing important information, but this information is often lost in the noise. Generally, people will listen to a close personal friend who is a doctor or in a science-related industry. As a retired middle school science teacher, I have been sharing a few links that I think are crucial. The most important links I don’t just share, but also I individually email, message, and text them out to friends and family. Please do the same.

I have an article written up about wearing masks but I still have more research to do before publishing. Masks must be worn properly, and it’s best to dispose of them often. So be on the lookout, for a future article about this video. DO NOT BE OVERCONFIDENT WITH MASKS!! However, when used properly, masks will save lives.

We all need to stay at home as much as possible and be very careful during this initial phase of the coronavirus pandemic. It is a great chance to catch up on reading and missed movies. Happy Movie Month, and remember to share this article and other articles that can save lives. 

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