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Published on March 31st, 2020 | by Zachary Shahan

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With social distancing being the name of the game these days, longtime Tesla insider David Havasi and I are no longer able to jump into a Tesla and chat about Tesla together for an hour. Perhaps that’s for the best, as it gives us the opportunity to steer the “Tesla Inside Out” series into a potentially better direction.

For our upcoming Tesla Inside Out show, this coming Thursday (April 2) at 11:00 am Florida time, we have a new format and opportunity. David will tell an interesting story from some point in his 7 years at Tesla (this time the story involves an apparent oil sheik), and then we’ll open up the webinar to Q&A.

As with other CleanTechnica webinars, this will be open to CleanTechnica Members, Supporters, and Ambassadors. (Gotta pay the bills, you know?) A condensed version of the webinar will probably be created at some point and shared for broader viewing enjoyment.

In case you’re just discovering this Tesla Inside Out series, here’s the short story: David worked at Tesla from 2012 (just before the Model S was launched) to mid-2019. He’s got a wealth of interesting, funny, shocking stories in his memory bank from that transformational period. He also has a background on Broadway, which means that he’s quite talented at delivering a story in an animated, entertaining way. When we get together, we tend to quite enthusiastically build off of each others love for Tesla products and Tesla the company and can chat for hours about it all, but with this new format, I am going to host the webinar basically just from a technical perspective. I want to maximize the Q&A opportunities for participants, and am sure David’s opening story and our history of episodes will be enough to spark an ample number of questions.

Join us if you can. It will surely be fun! 

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