Entrepreneurs find success on Lazada

Credit to Author: The Manila Times| Date: Thu, 11 Jun 2020 17:34:52 +0000

Ala Eh Barako owners Jeffrey and Tatiana Hitosis

EMBRACING e-commerce, these Filipino entrepreneurs have built their own brands that became cult favorites on Lazada:

Sundals by Evan Marie Arellano

Evan was content growing her business to moderate success, but things changed after the death of her mother, who was an entrepreneur of abaca handicrafts. Evan wanted to continue her legacy. From that point, she pivoted operations to sell abaca footwear, and Sundals was born.

Researching on Lazada, she realized it would solve challenges such as promotion and marketing, rentals and logistics and delivery. Since onboarding, Evan’s sales have increased by 300 percent. It also enabled her to provide a better experience for her customers with lower shipping fees and cash-on-delivery requests.

Ala Eh Barako by Jeffrey and Tatiana Hitosis

On their wedding day, they handed barako coffee beans as giveaways. When people asked for more, they had a business idea. Partnering with the best coffee farmers and roasters, Ala Eh Barako was established, opening up shop on Lazada. Jeffrey drew data from the platform and leveraged additional accounting tools to track daily progress.

Bags on Demand by Joy Delos Reyes

In the infant stages of the business, Joy and her husband, Rodel, would produce bags only when customers place their orders. Eventually, people started to take more notice of their products and inquired about ready-to-buy styles. This drove the couple to make more bags and set up their online shop, putting Bags on Demand on Lazada.

“When you’re an online seller, there’s a risk that your income will never be stable. But with Lazada, we know our income will never be zero,” says Joy.