Catching up with Benjamin Alves

It’s part of Benjamin Alves’ nature not to let something as artistically stultifying as the quarantine make him unproductive. So when he isn’t catching up on the K-dramas that everybody is talking about, or belatedly getting on the “Game of Thrones” bandwagon, he works out to keep fit and even continue to work, as this quick chat reveals.

We’ve always enjoyed our occasional chats with Ben. It’s not so much because of his ability to express himself eloquently (this Guam-raised English lit major is a summa cum laude grad, after all), but also because our interviews with him have always been devoid of “nonanswers” or guarded replies.

Ben makes our chats feel like we’re just shooting the breeze—whether when we’re discussing how he comes up with the lovely verses of self-penned poems, or what his thoughts are about the latest superhero movies and the direction their stories are taking.

It’s been a tough and grueling time for many Filipinos since the start of the lockdown in March, so we decided to check up on how this heartthrob with “beauty,” brains and brawn is doing.


Here’s our Q&A catchup with Ben:

Ben Alves

How did you keep yourself busy or productive during the lockdown?

We created “How Do You Feel: Usapang Artista,” so that takes up much of our time. It’s a roundtable discussion where Kapuso actors exchange thoughts about acting and the entertainment industry, including their approach toward their craft, forms of expression, innovative improvisations and experiences in show business.

What shows, movies or books entertained you during the period of isolation? What would you recommend?

My K-drama recommendations are “When the Camellia Blooms” and “Itaewon Class.” Not much reading, but a lot of writing.

Are you ready to go back to work in the “new normal”? What did you miss about show biz during the long lull?

Yes, I am. I miss the people, I miss our set, I miss the relationships you gain from working on set.

What places do you want to go to when the travel ban is lifted?

I want to go to Guam. I’d like to visit my mom for my dad’s birthday and would have loved to be there to commemorate their anniversary this end of June.