“County Electric” Minibus Is Hyundai’s Next Electric Play

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Published on June 30th, 2020 | by Zachary Shahan

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Hyundai has developed very compelling, efficient electric cars — and then declined to get the battery supplies to produce a lot of them. Despite going slower than many electric vehicle fans (and climate-concerned citizens) would like, though, it is highly regarded for competent EV design. The company is now using those talents in the minibus market.

Hyundai Motor Company just released its “County Electric” minibus. Here are some key specs:

Naturally, being a new vehicle, it includes the latest safety tech. “Various sensors located near the middle door, including an ultrasonic sensor, prevent the door from closing while the passenger is getting on and off. The sensors also trigger an alarm when a body part gets caught in the door and automatically opens the door to prevent injury.” That’s something we don’t see in every electric vehicle press release, but nothing groundbreaking. The next line is interesting, though:

“The ultrasonic sensor is also connected to the bus’s acceleration pedal, which prevents the bus from moving forward from a stop when passenger movement is detected.” Passengers walking through the bus? That would be a huge improvement for passenger comfort, especially considering the electric torque possible on this minibus.

“The bus is available with a twin swing-type rear emergency door, seats with a 220-mm-higher backrest, and a new seat belt system that can reduce abdominal pressure during emergency braking. Swapping the diesel engine for electric motor provides more space, making it easier for passengers to get in and out of the bus.”

I’m not sure how that last line plays out in the actual design of the bus, but it’s great to see Hyundai highlighting the fact that EV powertrains come with some inherent advantages that smart design can benefit from.

Here are some more details straight from Hyundai:

Battery Features

Brake and Stability Features

Convenience Features

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