EV Drivers In Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, & Romania Getting Boost From MOL & Driivz

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Gas station companies have a couple of options as the electric vehicle era arises: transform, or die. MOL Group, which is a major oil and gas company headquartered in Budapest, Hungary, has gas stations in countries across the region. It is leaning toward the former. While it hasn’t yet switched over to 100% EV charging, since its business clearly cannot be sustained by that at this point, it does now have EV charging stations operational in 6 countries in central and southeastern Europe.

MOL has now selected Driivz software for EV charging and energy management at its stations. “The Driivz smart, cloud-based platform spans EV charging operations, energy management, bespoke billing and roaming capabilities, home, public and workplace charging, and driver self-service tools.”

Driivz highlights that up to 80% of problems with regards to station operation can be solved remotely and also mentions that it uses “self-healing algorithms” to improve uptime and reliability.

It also offers options for monetization in various ways and claims to be “managing millions of billing transactions of more than 600,000 EV drivers.” Furthermore, its technology is:

On the EV driver side of the story, Driivz provides a white label app that drivers can use for self-service. The app offers real-time charger availability, guides drivers to the charger, allows the driver to reserve a charging point, provides various payment options and billing management, and more. It is available on Apple and Android phones.

“MOL currently operates chargers in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, and Romania, and by the end of 2020, EV drivers will be able to charge on the MOL network from the Czech border to the Adriatic and Black seas,” MOL shares.

Driivz, Tel Aviv, Israel, claims that it is “the leading global software supplier to EV operators and service providers, accelerating the plug-in EV industry’s dynamic and continuous transformation.” Since it operates largely behind the scenes, you may be more familiar with some of its customers, including EVgo, Gilbarco, ElaadNL, ESB, and Centrica.

“Driivz’s platform manages tens of thousands of EV chargers in North America, Europe and APAC, used by more than 700,000 EV drivers.”

We previously covered Driivz when it partnered with EVgo in January 2017, and again in February of this year when it partnered with Gilbarco Veeder-Root to expand Gilbarco Veeder-Root’s technology solutions for EV drivers


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