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In January, I wrote about four countries leading the world in electric vehicle adoption — not in terms of absolute sales, but in terms of plugin vehicle market share in those countries. My main interest was examining how their adoption curves looked and if they were similar. Half a year later, here’s an update. (Interactive charts are available on the bottom of the article since they do not work well on all mobile devices.)

Naturally, Norway is still on top by a wide margin, as it has been for many years. However, Iceland closed the gap a bit, with a plugin vehicle market share of 49% — exactly where Norway was in 2018, according to EV Volumes.

Iceland’s plugin market is a bit more than half fully electric vehicles (28%), and even that fully electric vehicle market share is higher than #3 Sweden’s 26% plugin vehicle market share. The Tesla Model 3 is #1 in Iceland, with 22% of the plugin market, while the ancient Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV — one of the oldest plugin vehicle models on the market — is second with 12% market share.

Update: Apparently, Finland is at 15.7% market share! So it should be in here. I will create an updated version of this story as possible.

The Netherlands and Portugal are a significant step below those three EV market share leaders, but they still have a commendable 13% and 12% plugin vehicle market share, respectively. I would not be surprised to see them reaching 25% plugin vehicle market share in a year or two. We will see, and will be sure to report back.

The nice thing to see is steady growth in these markets year after year, with exceptions at times due to incentive changes (like in the Netherlands) that lead to boom–bust cycles.

A few other countries, like the UK and Switzerland, are at around 10% plugin vehicle share, so expect them to be climbing toward 15–25% market share in the coming year or two as well.

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