Awesome Purple Tesla From “Game Of Peace” Comes To Life In China

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Tesla China delivered a big surprise box at the HKRI Taikoo Hui Shopping Mall in Shanghai. When opened, a one-of-a-kind Tesla was unveiled showcasing a version of the Model 3 featured in Game For Peace (Chinese version of PUBG) —  a mobile multiplayer battle royale game developed and published by PUBG Corporation.

So what did this tricked-out Tesla look like? Check out the “Awesome Purple” color and turquoise vinyl accents as featured in the video game, via .

Unboxed as expected Made in China Tesla Model 3 Game for Peace (PUBG Mobile) Skin Wrap on display at HKRI Taikoo Hui Shopping Mall in Shanghai, China 🇨🇳 . @elonmusk @teslacn #Tesla #TeslaChina #Model3 #MIC #gameofpeace #PUBGMOBILE #特斯拉 #中国 $TSLA

— Jay in Shanghai 🇨🇳 特斯拉 (@JayinShanghai) July 24, 2020

Tesla Model X Game for Peace (PUBG Mobile) Skin Wrap on display at Asia’s biggest gaming and digital entertainment event Chinajoy 2020 in Shanghai, China 🇨🇳 l @elonmusk @teslacn #Tesla #TeslaChina #Model3 #MIC #gameofpeace #PUBGMOBILE #特斯拉 #中国 $TSLA

— Jay in Shanghai 🇨🇳 特斯拉 (@JayinShanghai) July 31, 2020

PART 4: Game for Peace x Tesla Fantasy purple version of MIC Model 3 and Model X have arrived in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Suzhou, Xi'an and other cities one after another. Check it out if you’re in China 🇨🇳#Tesla #TeslaChina #gameforpeace #Model3 #ModelX #特斯拉 #中国 $TSLA

— Jay in Shanghai 🇨🇳 特斯拉 (@JayinShanghai) July 25, 2020

The first photos of this car were shared by our friend Jay, who reports on Tesla news from Shanghai, China.

This skin of the Tesla Model 3 in Game For Peace is the maxed-out version of the vehicle. The player has to start with a basic Model 3 or a Model X in a solid color. As the level raises in the game, new skins and upgrades become available (known as “Tesla Crates,” demo video below).

Reportedly, these skins are developed in collaboration with the Chinese technology company Tencent, which holds a  in Tesla. shared more:

Love the purple color in Game for Peace. Chinese gamers may want to have it in real world.

— Ray4️⃣Tesla⚡️🚘☀️🔋 (@ray4tesla) July 24, 2020

The official Tesla China Twitter account has also offered up some free wallpapers from the video game. Now, you can glam up your mobile phone with one of these cool Tesla wallpapers:

Pick up the energetic wallpapers, and charge your everyday adventure!

— Tesla China (@teslacn) July 27, 2020

These contemporary marketing tactics aimed at a younger generation in China via gaming platforms should strengthen the Tesla brand among a desired target market — the next generation of Tesla owners.

@elonmusk @PUBG ok a couple things, can we get the model x drop in the usa, and can we get pubg in our Tesla's?

Also just for pubg… Please get rid of bots on Xbox. It doesn't add anything to the game

— Steven | My Electric Adventure | Garden Dad (@schristakos) July 24, 2020

Could something like this be coming to the U.S. or Europe? “Something fun is coming,” Tesla CEO Elon Musk responded in a tweet when a follower asked to be able to play PUBG on the in-car Tesla touchscreen. In fact, a recent “deep crimson” colored Tesla was spotted which looks like it’s got a familiar purple tint.

More deep crimson here, less purple?

— K10✨©️ (@Kristennetten) July 28, 2020

Regardless of new car colors, perhaps this was just a hint that Tesla owners might be getting something interesting as part of their in-car entertainment soon — so be sure to stay tuned for Tesla’s next software update.

Elon Musk did recently imply that Grand Theft Auto was coming to Tesla’s in-car infotainment arcade.

Only a matter of time before someone steals a Tesla while playing GTA on a Tesla

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) June 26, 2020

Perhaps this is what he’s referring to. 
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