Doing something special to mark a milestone birthday

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It’s hard to believe that 52 years have gone by since I first arrived in Canada as a teenager.  The year was 1968 and there have been so many changes in both myself and this country over that time.

When I arrived here, there wasn’t the huge cultural mosaic that meets one’s eyes everywhere.  Today people of different backgrounds, cultures, lifestyles, and religious beliefs live and work side by side in Canada.  Ethnic foods can be found on grocery store shelves, a plethora of different restaurants offer dining choices and there’s a Festival of some sort taking place almost every summer weekend.  Toronto, where I live is, of course, a world-class city by all standards.

I worked and studied both full-time and part-time during my younger years. I got married and had a son. I sponsored my Mum, Dad, and brother to join me in Canada.  My parents both lived here until they died.  Coming from Guyana, the biggest adjustment they had to make was getting used to the Canadian winters.  I’m happy to say they did quite well.

My 70th milestone birthday was in July 2019.  Shortly after this event, a burning desire arose in me to do something ‘special’ to mark the occasion.  That’s how my book for Senior Citizens ‘Late Blooms’ and the children’s book  ‘Making New Friends’ came about.  After almost a year of work, I’m pleased to be able to share them.

‘Late Blooms’ is meant to be inspirational and contains blog posts about aging and life from my blog of the same name.  All the photos, except for one, are my own.  People from all over the world read my blog and I noticed that there are certain posts that people go back to because of the quotes, poetry or something there that resonated with them.  I also included a whole quotes section for those who like quotes.  Seniors are sure to enjoy this book and I hope it will be a blessing to anyone who picks it up.

‘Making New Friends’, my children’s book is a picture-book about two mice who seek fun, adventure, and to make new friends.  It will be especially appealing to  children between the ages of 3-6.  The language is simple and children are sure to recognize many words after a few readings.  The illustrations are beautiful and sure to delight little ones.  The book also touches on loneliness and acceptance of differences in a subtle and fun way.  The exhilarating joy of friendship is what children will remember about this book.

As immigrants, we all know how important it is to have books both for ourselves and for our children to read. Children who are good readers perform better in school. We’re very fortunate in Canada to have reading material widely available.

By: Jean Janki Samaroo. Books authored by Jean Janki Samaroo have received positive reviews and are available on


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