Stay safe

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Even plants are pilfered these days! From petty theft to abuses and online scams, the number of unlawful acts continues to increase. Many of them are unreported.

Just like in detective novels, they happen when they are least expected and the offenders are – in many cases – the least likely suspects. They even pretend to look concerned. They are experts at deceiving people. Beware!

The Crime Prevention Triangle consists of a criminal’s desire to commit a crime, ability to act on it, and opportunity. You can not control another person’s desire and ability. The only thing you can do is reduce or eliminate the opportunities by being proactive and vigilant. Encourage your family and neighbors to do the same. Crime prevention is a shared responsibility.

Consider the following reminders:

– Lock all doors even if you will be out for a short time. Authorities say burglary can happen in less than five minutes.

– Avoid going to the ATM and doing your grocery shopping at night. If you need to go out, avoid dark and bushy areas. Always carry a flashlight. Make your movements unpredictable.

– Never leave keys outside under mats and pots. Burglars know exactly where you hide them.

– Install extra lights, CCTVs, and alarms. Trim large bushes where someone can hide. Hide and lock ladders and anything which burglars can use to access your home.

– Never post ID cards, passport details, and other personal information on social media. Don’t tell netizens that you are home alone. If your family is on vacation, share pictures only after the trip.

–If you will be alone, device ways of adding to your protection ahead of time. Change your sleeping pattern. Save numbers you can call if you need help. See to it that your mobile phone is fully charged and