Swallowing can’t get you pregnant

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Dear Doc Rica,

I am a teenage girl who is starting to discover my sexu­ality and pleasure. Unfortu­nately, I can only talk about sex with my friends. Some of them are more adventurous than I am or meron silang nakakausap about sex na may more experience.

Me and my boyfriend haven’t had sex yet but re­cently, I am learning to give him a blow job. I like the taste of his semen. I am just wondering if I swallow it if I can still get pregnant.

Apple Clip


Hello to you Apple Clip,

It is a very interesting time when you start learning and exploring about sex. It is also critical na magkaroon ka ng access sa credible and tamang information about sex and your reproductive health.

To answer your question directly, hindi ka puwedeng mabuntis by swallowing your boyfriend’s sperm. Sa diges­tive system mo papasok ang semen and will be processed by your body just like food na kinakain mo. Puwede ka lang mabuntis kapag ang semen ay pumasok sa reproductive system through the vagina. Kailangan magkaroon ng access ng semilya papunta sa iyong egg para mafertil­ize ito.

Pero kailangan mo din maintindihan na kahit hindi possible na mabuntis through swallowing the sperm, pu­wede itong maging way to transmit sexually transmitted infection or STI if one partner is infected. Some people use condoms even w