SWS: 50% of Filipinos ‘very happy’ with love life

Credit to Author: Catherine S. Valente, TMT| Date: Sat, 13 Feb 2021 05:46:21 +0000

HALF of Filipinos said they were “very happy” with their love life, with 39 percent of the respondents wanting to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, according to the latest Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey.

The poll from November 21 to 25 last year among 1,500 adults nationwide also said that 31 percent said they could be happier and 18 percent said they did not have a love life.

SWS said the latest percentage of those with a very happy love life was the lowest since the 49 percent in 2014.

The pollster said the latest percentage of those with no love life “is a new all-time high that surpassed the previous record of 14 percent in 2016, 2017, and 2019.”

“Since 2002, around half of adult Filipinos have a very happy love life, ranging from the record-low 46 percent in 2004 to the record-high 59 percent in 2011,” SWS said.

“Those saying their love life could be happier range from 29 percent to 44 percent, while those with no love life range from 9 percent to 18 percent,” it added.

The same survey showed some 39 percent of the respondents said they would celebrate Valentine’s Day, 31 percent undecided, and 27 percent would not celebrate.

The likelihood to celebrate on February 14 is high among those with a very happy love life at 50 percent, while 36 percent of those who think they could be happier said they would.

Even though single, 13 percent of those who have no love life said they would still celebrate it.

Moreover, almost half of those who said they would observe Valentine’ Day, or 45 percent, would go to church or attend religious services, 27 percent would give gifts to their spouse or loved ones, 25 percent would make special home-cooked meals, and 11 percent would send greetings online or through text.

Meanwhile, the survey also showed that 50 percent among men and women are very happy with their love life.

Married men are the happiest with 64 percent, followed by those with a live-in partner (53 percent), and single men (22 percent).

For women, those who are happy in their relationship are also highest among those married at 63 percent, then by those with live-in partners, 57 percent); and single women, 18 percent.

For those with live-in partners, 46 percent of men who have one said they could be happier, followed by those married at 33 percent and those single at 8 percent.

Among women, the same is also observed with those with live-in partners at 42 percent, married women at 35 percent, and single women at 16 percent.

By age, 35 percent of those in the age group 18–24-year-old said they have a very happy love life. This further increases among 25–34-year-olds and 35–44-year-olds at 54 percent and 58 percent, respectively.

The percentage of those who share the same sentiment declined to 51 percent among 45–54-year-olds, and 49 percent among 55-year-olds and above.

Happiness with love life among men is highest among 35-44-year-olds at 57 percent, while women 25-34 years old are the happiest with 63 percent.

“The November 2020 survey found no significant connection with people’s celebration of Valentine’s Day and their happiness with love life with their fear of Covid-19 and their outlook on whether the worst of the Covid-19 crisis is behind us or yet to come,” SWS said.

The SWS survey, conducted using face-to-face interviews, had sampling error margins of ±2.5 percent for national percentages, ±4 percent for Balance Luzon, and ±6 percent for Metro Manila, the Visayas, and Mindanao.