Ten ways to bring passion to your work

Credit to Author: Murali Murthy| Date: Mon, 22 Feb 2021 22:20:14 +0000

What differentiates the mundane careers from the meaningful ones? Often times, it is not the skill set or the level of efficiency but passion. Yes, passion is the “X” factor that can make you indispensable at work.

We all want to have lives of passion, but getting there can be challenging in a world that is  fast-paced and competitive. Here are 10 ways you can wake up energized every morning, reignite yourself and express your passion at work every day.

 1.Be authentic and enthusiastic

Stay true to your personality and always express your authentic self. Authentic passion is uniquely attractive. It  demonstrates traits like commitment, well-roundedness and enthusiasm. While networking or interviewing or at your job, express your deep passions and pursue big goals enthusiastically.

 2.Say yes more often

Many people discover their calling through the opportunities they find at work. Be open to new experiences—projects, new assignments, training events and more. Say yes to new things, more often and agree passionately.

 3.Embrace your bliss

The first step to incorporating passion into your work is determining what you’re passionate about. What activities, causes or topics ignite the fire in you?  If you’re still not sure, invest the time to finding out. Once you identify your mojo, find fresh, creative ways to express it at work.

4.Clarity in your communications

Be very clear in what you say and be expressive. Clarity in communications is the straight road that leads to energy and passion. This means getting rid of the “shoulds” and “shouldn’ts”.  Your passion is a career asset whatever your field. To improve your vocabulary, read more. In fact reading  biographies of successful people and talking to professionals you admire can help ignite your passion.

5.Be proactive

Passion is not something that you can just switch off or switch on. People who incorporate passion into their careers deliberately incorporate their interests into their jobs. If you love to write, get started on a blog, volunteer to pen more reports,  contribute to your company newsletter and more.  If you enjoy networking, attend every conference you can and be more social.

 6.Associate with passionate people

Look around your life for other people who share your passion – and are preferably from the same industry. Network consciously with other professionals. The more your peers see you in your element, the more likely they are to find additional ways for you to shine. The best professional connections are often forged outside the regular 9 to 5 routine.

7.Be inquisitive

It’s true when they say ”Your success zone if always found outsize the comfort zone.” One way to dull your passion is to do the same thing every day and expect different results. Tomorrow, Take a different route home from work. Cook a dish you have never attempted before. Read a magazine or book on a topic you know nothing about.. Talk to someone   who seems different from you. New passions can be found in surprising places.

8. Network virtually more often

For every possible interest there are a zillion LinkedIn groups, Facebook fan pages, online communities, listservs, Google and Yahoo groups and more. Especially if you’re short on time or resources, look to these web-based passion fests for ideas, discussions, event listings, networking contacts and more.

9. Pay it forward

Another great way to express your passion is through the relationships you forge with colleagues, clients and others. Be passionate about helping and supporting other people. Share job leads, event invitations, networking contacts, advice and moral support. The “pay it forward” principle never fails – and will come back to you in wonderful ways.

10.Volunteer your talents

One of the best ways to incorporate passion into your life is to volunteer your time and talent. This will open up more and new opportunities to express your passion. Who knows, someone may even introduce you to new projects that uncover a hidden passion.

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