5 simple tips to make your hybrid work arrangement smooth and effective

Credit to Author: Murali Murthy| Date: Tue, 14 Sep 2021 18:26:32 +0000

Go hybrid. Be productive. Have fun

It’s more than a year since the pandemic hit us and took us all by surprise. Since then, many of us have had to learn how to self-manage and function remotely from home offices.

Now that we have adjusted fairly well to the new normal, it’s time to take stock of what has been learned so far. And, as many of us return to the workplace at least a few days in a week – get ready to adapt to the new hybrid approach!

Consider these five simple tips to make your hybrid work arrangement smooth and effective.


Self-awareness and self-management skills are important to help us regulate our emotions and our actions. This means identifying what is important, setting priorities, and taking responsibility for submitting deliverables on time, irrespective of where we are.

As you get engaged in remote work, it’s important to create systems that can help track your success. If it helps, use some sort of daily plan and stick to it whenever possible. Maintain a comprehensive track record of the phone calls, emails, correspondences, etc. Track your efforts meticulously. And look for new ways to ensure everyone benefits from your arrangement.

Time management

When the pandemic hit, we learned more about our own productivity. In the new paradigm, it was not about working during a set number of hours. A lot of us could accomplish more as long as we had a block of uninterrupted time to concentrate.

We learned the difference between time spent a project (activity) vs, the output delivered (productivity). Many of us learned we could be counted on to deliver quality work in time even when working remotely.

Prioritize and balance

As you prepare for hybrid work, embrace the opportunity, and make your mental and emotional health a priority. It will definitely make you happier and more productive at work. When you can find a way to balance your physical and emotional workload, it’s a win win.

That means taking regular time for exercise or meditation. Becoming healthy and emotionally stronger will help you see clearly, generate great deliverables, and build productive, satisfying relationships with co-workers and clients.

Communicate with clarity

There’s no room for ambiguity in a remote work arrangement. It is more important to be clear, purposeful, and positive from the start. In a hybrid environment, communication becomes essential to sustaining the work you produce.

Thankfully, digital communication enables hybrid work, so find a way to strategize around it. Adopt a communication strategy that enables everyone to maintain consistency and clarity and avoid any misunderstanding.

Take it easy

You’ve overcome many challenges in the last year. You’ve balanced a lot. You’ve worked hard and become flexible. Take the breaks you need to stay positive, creative, and committed to make the most of your new work style. Hybrid work will work – but will take a certain amount of flexibility and perseverance on your part.

In the final analysis, a remote or hybrid role is about finding balance and the chance to take charge and own your role. Good luck as you go hybrid and have fun at the same time.

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