Globalizing Leadership To Address Canada’s Labour Shortage

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The labour market today marks a rare point in history. For once, it is tilted in favour of skilled workers versus corporate Canada. Both employers and talent are unsure how to act and react.

According to Statistics Canada, unemployment is running as low as it’s ever been, job vacancy numbers are at a record high and labour force participation rates are unprecedented. It’s a powerful time to be looking for work but a challenging time to be an employer across industries. The government has provided funding to help businesses act meaningfully to drive change but the data shows this is still not enough.

As we’ve witnessed the pandemic unfold, it’s been interesting to keep a watchful eye on how industry is working to grow and flourish. Initially, flexible and remote work options were promoted to attract talent from zero office time to encouraging a four-day work week. Recently, however, the country’s major financial institutions have mandated employees back to the office citing productivity issues as the culprit. Meanwhile, healthcare, the hardest hit industry, has and will never be able to offer ultimate flexibility based on the nature of the work and there are critical jobs to fill. 

How 369 Global is leading with solutions

In the background, what remains true is that it is harder to fix the labour shortage than ever before and businesses will benefit from considering creative solutions and new approaches to recruitment. With over two decades of experience working with companies to incorporate foreign talent into their teams, 369 Global is applying a global perspective to solving local issues by finding, training and employing skilled workers from other markets. 

The healthcare industry specifically represents a tremendous opportunity for Internationally Educated Health Professionals (IEHPs) well beyond just doctors and nurses, to secure consistent employment in Canada. Many Canadians, individuals, students and corporations, don’t know it is possible to secure employment as an IEHP in technician, cleaner, food service and administrative personnel roles. While the opportunities are endless, there are a number of clear guidelines provided by the government that must be followed to pursue the IEHP path and it’s critical to work with connected experts who understand the ins and outs of fair, legal and equitable employment practices. NOC codes (National Occupational Classification) for example, present complex issues many employers do not know about or communicate properly.

Computek College is committed to creating mutually beneficial outcomes for employers and employees by creating relationships with top corporations, introducing them to great candidates seeking to immigrate to Canada, processing paperwork and assisting in obtaining permits for both parties while ensuring compliance the whole way through.

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