Public Sector Salaries: Only 20 per cent of municipal employees in our database are women

Credit to Author: Lori Culbert| Date: Tue, 04 Feb 2020 00:10:51 +0000

Our database has nearly 9,000 employees who make more than $75,000 annually at 20 Metro Vancouver local governments, but there is a shocking gender divide: 80 per cent are male. Why don’t more women work at your city hall?

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Gord Kurenoff: Speed thrills in record Steveston Icebreaker with 370 crushing 8K race

Credit to Author: Gord Kurenoff| Date: Sun, 19 Jan 2020 23:03:13 +0000

Malcolm Hodge and Andrea Lee just might enjoy the Year of the Rat as they celebrated a new road race season with 8K victories in Sunday’s Steveston Icebreaker. We also look at upcoming races in Aldergrove, Vancouver, Stanley Park and B.C.’s Lower Mainland

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