20 News Items From Tesla Investor Day

Credit to Author: Jesper Berggreen| Date: Mon, 06 Mar 2023 15:59:31 +0000

There are somewhat mixed views on the newsworthiness of the Tesla Investor Day on March 1st, 2023. I sat through the whole event live and took notes of what I thought was news. Maybe you did too? Maybe you didn’t? Maybe you have already read and viewed a myriad of reactions to the event? In […]

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Stellantis Jumps Into Wireless EV Charging Ballgame With HEVO

Credit to Author: Zachary Shahan| Date: Fri, 17 Feb 2023 18:47:59 +0000

One of the popular new themes in the EV world is to show leadership on wireless charging. Does that mean wireless EV charging is finally really arriving? Or does that just mean EV wireless charging is on the upswing in the current hype cycle? Well, it’s hard to say. Anyone can make their own guess […]

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It’s For Real: Wireless EV Charging For Germany’s Famous Autobahn

Credit to Author: Tina Casey| Date: Tue, 20 Dec 2022 16:45:35 +0000

ev charging wireless electreon germanyEmbedding wireless EV charging systems in roadways may seem futuristic, but on Germany’s Autobahn the future is now.

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WiTricity Announces “Wireless EV Charging For Government Fleets” Event

Credit to Author: Tim Tyler| Date: Fri, 04 Nov 2022 15:30:39 +0000

Witricity wireless chargingThere will be a live webinar on Tuesday, November 15, 2022, hosted by the leader in wireless EV charging, WiTricity. During the live webinar, WiTricity plans to provide important insights into the benefits of wireless EV charging and the future of wireless EV charging, as it may one day replace traditional plug-in charging. The webinar […]

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Wireless EV Charging On-The-Go Coming To PA Turnpike

Credit to Author: Tina Casey| Date: Mon, 12 Sep 2022 19:00:26 +0000

wireless ev charging converter ORNLIn-road, wireless EV charging is one way to make electric vehicles more affordable and avert the impending EV charging apocalypse.

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Wireless EV Charging Update: Siemens & MAHLE Team Up

Credit to Author: Zachary Shahan| Date: Sun, 14 Aug 2022 01:17:07 +0000

Wireless EV charging has been a fun topic for as long as I’ve been writing about electric cars (more than a decade). Yet, it’s not exactly common (it’s almost unheard of) to find one in an EV owner’s garage. Companies aren’t giving up yet, and that includes Siemens and MAHLE, which have just teamed up […]

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Study Conceptualizes Energy-Efficient, Wireless-Charging Roads

Credit to Author: Guest Contributor| Date: Tue, 26 Jul 2022 23:50:29 +0000

Wireless charging roads equipped with energy storage systems are promising electric vehicle solutions by virtue of their strong advantages in time saving and reduced pressure on the existing power infrastructure, according to a paper by Cornell researchers published this month in Applied Energy. The electric vehicle (EV) industry has experienced remarkable expansion and technical development during […]

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50 VinFast Stores Opening In Europe, 800 Electric Double-Deck Buses for Ireland, 2nd Life Batteries to Rickshaws — EV News Today

Credit to Author: EV News Today| Date: Fri, 17 Jun 2022 01:17:13 +0000

VinFast stores EuropeAs VinFast announced its plan to open more than 50 stores across France, Germany, and Netherland at EVS35, the Audi Environmental Foundation went into the third project phase with nonprofit startup Nunam on electric rickshaws. Battery modules from Audi e-tron test vehicles are electrifying rickshaws in India. Their target group: women. Rickshaws enable economic participation […]

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Electric Acts of Kindness, 50,000 Reservations for Fisker Ocean, VinFast VF 8 & VF 9 Coming to Europe — EV News Today

Credit to Author: EV News Today| Date: Thu, 09 Jun 2022 06:43:56 +0000

The Hyundai IONIQ 5’s V2L technology creates an act of kindness that supports the brand’s vision of Progress for Humanity. Vinfast outlines its plan for sales and customer service locations — VinFast Stores — in Germany, France, and the Netherlands. There are 50,000 reservations for the Fisker Ocean SUV. Scroll down for more EV news […]

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Wireless Charging For EV Buses & Trucks — Interview with WAVE CEO, Part 1

Credit to Author: Johnna Crider| Date: Wed, 01 Jun 2022 15:15:06 +0000

WAVE (Wireless Advanced Vehicle Electrification), which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ideanomics, is developing wireless charging solutions for the medium- and heavy-duty vehicle sectors. I recently spoke with WAVE CEO Aaron Gillmore, who shared some of the projects WAVE is working on. Naturally, I also asked him what inspired him to get into wireless charging […]

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