A primer on changes to 2019 tax returns

Credit to Author: Canadian Immigrant| Date: Wed, 19 Feb 2020 20:36:24 +0000

A new tax season is upon us. Let’s warm up this winter with a primer on the changes to the tax return. The T1 tax return has a new look The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has reworked the tax return. More specifically, the line numbers that were 3 or 4 digits are now 5 digits, […]

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Filing taxes for the first time as a Canadian resident? Here’s what you need to know

Credit to Author: Canadian Immigrant| Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2019 12:00:55 +0000

Canada welcomed as many as 310,000 new immigrants to Canada in 2018. Their new plan is to gradually increase that number to 350,000 by 2021. What does this all mean? It means there will be many newcomers filing Canadian taxes for the very first time. If this is your first year in Canada, welcome! Filing […]

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