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What Online Dating Is Like When You’re Poly

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Craig Gillespie reveals what drove him to make his provocative biopic.

A Bunch of Ice Middle Fingers Showed Up In Toronto

‘Wahhhh’—some theatre district restaurant owners.

The Weirdest Bits from Stormy Daniels’s Interview About Sex with Trump

Trump loves Shark Week and was familiar with the porn star’s work.

The Awful Things Men Say to Women at Work Parties

Guys, please don’t tell women we look “fertile.”

Recapping the First Episode of ‘American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace’

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How to Live Your Best Life Before and After Nuclear Armageddon

Only one man can clear up your skin, give you peace of mind, and provide world-class shelter in the face of a world-ending blast.

The Agency That Messed Up Hawaii’s Nuclear Alert Keeps Passwords on Post-Its

At least they weren’t using “password.”

Looks Like We’re Going to Get a ‘Fire and Fury’ TV Show

Now Trump might not actually have to read it.

Disney Released a Very Vague Synopsis of the New Han Solo Movie

Now we have some plot info, but where is the trailer?

Here Are All the Pop Culture Retrospectives You’ll Read in 2018

Has it really been 10 years since that thing you liked? Yes, yes it has.

A Nova Scotia Funeral Home Cremated the Wrong Body

The funeral home apparently showed the family two wrong bodies before admitting their mistake.