We’re Approaching Several ‘Positive’ Climate Tipping Points. Is It Enough?

Credit to Author: Nexus Media| Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2023 15:20:10 +0000

Reports on “positive tipping points” point to technical solutions, but they miss the role of politics in decarbonizing the economy. When it comes to climate change, tipping points are typically a bad thing. They refer to a threshold at which irreversible, self-perpetuating and catastrophic environmental changes – often referred to as feedback loops – will […]

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This Interactive Chart Shows Changes In The World’s Top 10 GHG Emitters

Credit to Author: World Resources Institute| Date: Fri, 03 Mar 2023 18:15:10 +0000

As countries implement their targets and policies and develop more detailed pathways to reduce their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, it’s important to fully understand the global emissions picture and how it changes over time. Our Climate Watch interactive chart explores GHG emissions by country and economic sector1, and shows how top emitters have changed in recent years

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The Top 20 NREL Stories Of 2022

Credit to Author: U.S. Department of Energy| Date: Tue, 03 Jan 2023 23:45:07 +0000

Throughout 2022, researchers, staff, and leadership at the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) worked together with collaborators and partners to advance renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies. As this busy year at NREL draws to a close, we look back at some of the laboratory’s most impactful accomplishments from 2022 […]

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Netherlands Supreme Court Orders Government To Cut Carbon Emissions 25%

Credit to Author: Steve Hanley| Date: Fri, 20 Dec 2019 21:15:29 +0000

Urgenda climate change groupThe Supreme Court for the Netherlands in a landmark ruling has ordered the government to cut greenhouse gas emissions in the country 25% by the end of next year.

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