Volkswagen ID.4 Wins World Car Of The Year

Credit to Author: Jennifer Sensiba| Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2021 17:35:43 +0000

The World Car Awards recently chose the Volkswagen ID.4 for World Car of the Year. After test drives of eligible vehicles by a panel of 93 well-known automotive journalists, they chose winners for every category and then the overall winner. Here’s the stream of the final announcement, which was conducted entirely remotely due to the […]

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The New Danish Vehicle Taxes Are Still Crazy Complicated

Credit to Author: Jesper Berggreen| Date: Tue, 05 Jan 2021 18:05:48 +0000

When I wrote about the new Danish vehicle tax scheme finally going into law, I was a bit easy on the details, just listing some new prices. There’s a reason for that. Read on if you don’t mind wasting a few minutes. You probably won’t believe it can be this complicated anyway

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Honda e Is The First Japanese Car To Win The “German Car of Year” Award

Credit to Author: Jennifer Sensiba| Date: Tue, 08 Dec 2020 17:45:43 +0000

The Honda e, the company’s first electric model available in Europe, recently won the German Car of the Year award for 2021. This is the first time that a Japanese vehicle has won the prestigious award

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VW ID.3 Is Car Of The Year In Denmark 2021: For The 2nd Year In A Row, The Title Goes To An EV!

Credit to Author: Jesper Berggreen| Date: Tue, 24 Nov 2020 22:37:12 +0000

Back in 2017 when I saw the prototype of the VW ID.3 at the international auto show IAA in Frankfurt, I wondered if this would be the success that VW was hoping for

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Tesla Model 3 Still Dominates Danish EV Sales

Credit to Author: Jesper Berggreen| Date: Sat, 18 Jul 2020 00:26:39 +0000

Even though Denmark is a very small market, it is still interesting to see how sales of the currently available models develop

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Is Honda Waking Up?

Credit to Author: Zachary Shahan| Date: Sat, 11 Jul 2020 05:52:16 +0000

Honda has formed a “comprehensive strategic alliance” with CATL, one of the world’s top three EV battery producers. This is not just a contract for batteries, but a rather deep and broad partnership

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The Big Brussels Car Market, aka Auto Show

Credit to Author: Maarten Vinkhuyzen| Date: Sun, 16 Feb 2020 22:52:03 +0000

When visiting the leading car shows in Geneva, Paris, and Frankfurt, the carmakers will take you on a journey, showing their grand visions about future mobility with vehicles that merge into houses, are lounges on wheels, or are just crazy, impractical futuristic works of art

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