Science & Environmental Communities Call on Biden & Congress to Decarbonize Transportation & Power Generation

Credit to Author: Guest Contributor| Date: Thu, 15 Apr 2021 02:17:39 +0000

Courtesy of Union Of Concerned Scientists. By Jonna Hamilton President Biden recently unveiled his American Jobs Plan — a two trillion-dollar package with significant investments in infrastructure, advanced technologies, and jobs that will reduce our global warming emissions. Next week, he will host the Leaders’ Climate Summit on Earth Day where he will likely announce how he […]

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Transportation Policies for New York to Achieve Its Climate Goals

Credit to Author: NRDC| Date: Sun, 11 Apr 2021 17:46:59 +0000

Originally published on the NRDC Expert Blog. By Kathy Harris New York achieving its climate goals may rest in the hands of the state’s Climate Action Council, a government advisory group tasked with preparing a plan to meet the goals of the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act. Since the transportation sector is the largest emitter of […]

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Offshore Wind Data Release Propels Wind Prospecting

Credit to Author: U.S. Department of Energy| Date: Sat, 10 Apr 2021 16:31:40 +0000

At first glance, today’s atmospheric scientists and mining prospectors of the past seem quite different. Look closer and you will find some striking similarities. Notably, a willingness to sift through volumes of information to dig up resource nuggets worth their weight in gold. Unlike the past, however, today’s wind resource prospectors share their findings with the world. […]

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What It Takes To Realize A Circular Economy For Solar Photovoltaic System Materials

Credit to Author: U.S. Department of Energy| Date: Wed, 07 Apr 2021 17:27:27 +0000

NREL Analysts Advance Understanding of Options, Opportunities To Repair, Reuse, or Recycle Solar Photovoltaic System Materials

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Nuclear Security Represents $4 Billion Annual Subsidy In US, Trillion All Costs For Fleet For Full Lifecycle

Credit to Author: Michael Barnard| Date: Mon, 29 Mar 2021 18:05:36 +0000

This equates to a roughly $4 billion annual subsidy to the US nuclear industry, in addition to the $1.6 billion in permanent tax breaks in the US federal tax code.

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2 Equitable Transportation Coalitions Issue Reports & Push For Progress

Credit to Author: Nexus Media| Date: Sat, 27 Mar 2021 03:28:05 +0000

The 37-member CHARGE coalition has called on the Biden administration to electrify public transit and expand EV charging infrastructure with a focus on communities historically underserved by transportation and overburdened by transportation-related pollution. Also, Thursday, the 21-group TEEM (Toward Equitable Electric Mobility) initiative released its review of California clean mobility equity programs with recommendations for improvement. […]

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Virginia Drives Into A Cleaner Future

Credit to Author: NRDC| Date: Thu, 25 Mar 2021 20:30:49 +0000

Originally published on the NRDC Expert Blog. By Kathy Harris, Walton Shepherd Virginia Governor Northam signed into law a bill to join 17 other states that have adopted or are considering adoption of a “Clean Cars” program — setting the Commonwealth up to become the leader in electric vehicles in the South. By adopting a Clean Cars […]

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Finally, Infrastructure Week Isn’t a Joke

Credit to Author: NRDC| Date: Thu, 25 Mar 2021 17:30:00 +0000

Originally published on the NRDC Expert Blog. By Deron Lovaas For years everyone has furrowed their brows and declared infrastructure “crumbling,” with respected scorecards rating it mediocre and one former Transportation Secretary dubbing the U.S. “one big pothole.” Yet so far little has happened to address the problem. That changes today as Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg will kick off […]

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Philly Wants To Wean Off Gas. The City-Owned Gas Utility Is Refusing To Go Along.

Credit to Author: Nexus Media| Date: Thu, 25 Mar 2021 03:20:10 +0000

In a bid to cut carbon pollution, a growing number of local leaders are working to phase out gas in buildings. In Philly, the city-owned gas utility is using ratepayer money to thwart this goal.

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Course Correction: Federal Oil & Gas Leasing Needs Fixing

Credit to Author: NRDC| Date: Sat, 20 Mar 2021 02:23:34 +0000

President Biden’s directive to the Interior Department, on January 27, to pause the sale of new federal oil and gas leases gives us a chance to reconsider and fix our broken system of leasing on public lands and federal waters.

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