Douglas Todd: COVID-19 brings home how partner violence affects diverse people

Credit to Author: Douglas Todd| Date: Mon, 06 Jul 2020 12:00:46 +0000

The increasingly close contact that COVID-19 protocols are forcing on many families is escalating conflict between partners of all kinds who were already struggling in difficult relationships. As a result, some North American social-service agencies are adopting a “gender inclusive” stance toward the diverse range of people buffeted by partner violence, including heterosexual women and […]

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Daphne Bramham: Seniors suffer as long as COVID-19 ban on family visits remains

Credit to Author: Daphne Bramham| Date: Tue, 16 Jun 2020 01:03:23 +0000

The restrictions on family visits only adds to the anguish, isolation and loneliness of seniors and may even be hastening their demise.

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